Do you appreciate fine art?  Do you enjoy going to museums and galleries to see it?  Perhaps marveling at the talent and creativity of the artist?  Does it take you away from the ordinary?  Wish you could enjoy it every day?

Do you have fine art in your home?  How do you feel when you see it?  Does it bring special thoughts to mind and stimulate your imagination?  Does it make you feel good, instead of recalling the cost?

What if you could take it with you every day?  Have it in your office; have it with you to show friends; use it to push back against a mundane world of mass production.  What if you could hold it in your hand and enjoy it any time?  How much more valuable would that art be to you personally? 

What if you could have a pen that was a work of art, commissioned exclusively for you?  What would your ideal pen be like?  Would it be an exquisite fountain pen with a fine 18K gold German nib and premium ink?  Perhaps the ease of use of a liquid roller ball with medium ceramic tip and the elegance of a fountain pen?  Maybe you prefer the functionality of a ballpoint, but it should write as smoothly as any roller ball.

Would you have it made from exotic rare woods from a remote part of the world; a piece of wood from grandpa’s barn or place of significance to you; perhaps an amazing swirl of your favorite colors with pearl or gold dust mixed in; our beautiful stone like turquoise, lapis, jade, or malachite?  Maybe you hear the call of the wild and antler, horn, alligator jaw bone, snake skin, game bird feathers — or treasures from the sea in mother of pearl or abalone shell are more your style.

Is art a luxury, or part of who you are?  I would like to hear what your perfect pen looks like.  Life is too short to write with a mass produced “gimme pen”.

If you appreciate fine art…put it in writing!