Hello, I am Harry Anderson

I am a lifelong woodworker and craftsman with a love for art. But I don’t want my art to sit on a shelf, or stand in a corner collecting dust, or hang on a wall. Creating unique handcrafted writing instruments allows me to create art for the hand that I can share with others. Art you can carry with you and use every day. Maybe you just like beautiful, one of a kind pens — you will find many of those here.  

My favorite aspect of this craft is working with a client to create art which is a unique reflection of who they are, something memorable in their life — a personal portrait they can use every day and share the story of “their” pen — a pen like no other. I would like to make that pen for YOU.

I am a member of The International Association of Penturners and my pens have won three awards in International Pen Turning competitions, as I strive to advance my skills and creativity.

Favorite materials

  • Exotic woods
  • Acrylic resin
  • Paper
  • Bone
  • Shell
  • Wood with a history
  • Horn
  • Stone
  • Antler
  • Feathers
  • Snakesin



To me, the pen making process is really about finding the pen in the wood.  I start with a piece of interesting, sometimes exotic wood, and much like a Christmas present, have no idea what it will look like on the inside.   The wood usually starts off square, (first segment above).  I use a lathe to turn the wood round.  The corners are turned off (second segment)and then it becomes fully round (third segment) finally I turn it to the exact finished dimensions I need (fourth segment) and then begin the many steps of sanding, applying the acrylic finish, 11 more sanding steps and final polishing (as you see in the finished cap) to a glass like finish that is harder than woodpecker lips!

The lathe in operation

With the lathe turning at 3,500 RPM, a razor sharp carbide cutting tool slices away everything that doesn’t look like a pen!